Greg Lindberg On Being An All-Star Employee


If you are sitting if front of your computer trying to figure out how you can get that promotion or raise, the truth is you’ll never move up the corporate ladder by being passive and waiting for it to come to you.

Greg Lindberg, a CEO of a telecommunications company, knows! He was once where you are now.

But, he didn’t become a CEO by waiting. He took action. If you are wondering how to become a better employee, one who will impress, Greg Lindberg offers the following advice:

Get to Know Your Boss: In order to impress the boss, you need to know your boss. What’s the boss’s specific management style? What does the boss expect of you? Find the answers and you will know how to please your boss.

Meet or Beat Your Deadline: Don’t make your boss sweat, wondering when your assignment will be completed. Aim to have all assignments done a day early, to allow your boss ample time to review, offer feedback, or edit requests.

Be an Ideas Person: It’s okay to offer suggestions on ways an assignment or project can be improved. Greg Lindberg loves hearing employee feedback, because it allows him to know what’s going on in his company, and also show him who cares. However, Greg Lindberg wants the people who work for him, not to just identify a problem, but offer solutions, too.

Be the person who rights the wrong. Your boss will appreciate it.

How do you shine at work? Offer your tips in the Comments section below!


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